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Guglielmo Ferrero was born in Portica, Piedmont, on July 21, While a law student at Pisa, Bologna, and Turin, his interest was in contemporary problems, an orientation confirmed by his first meeting in with the Italian sociologist and historian Cesare Lombroso. In the two collaborated on a study of female criminality, The Female Offender, and soon afterward Lombroso's daughter Gina became Ferrero's wife.

From to Ferrero traveled extensively in Europe, working in the libraries of London, Berlin, and Paris on a projected history of justice. The principal result of his travels was Young Europe He was already active in the Italian Socialist movement and engaged in polemics in the press with the leading nationalist writers of the country.

Also concerned with the problems of recognizing whether a civilization is in its ascendance or becoming decadent, he soon turned to the history of Rome. Ferrero's Greatness and Decline of Rome 6 vols.

A popular success, it was met with scorn by professional classicists, who looked unkindly on his constant contemporary references, on his passion for brilliant narrative, and on his attempts at sociological analysis of Roman politics. Above all, they took exception to his portrayal of such figures as Julius Caesar.

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For 19th-century classical historians Caesar had been an antique Napoleon, bringing order out of chaos. Ferrero portrayed him as the cause of the ruin of the Roman Republic. Other Anomalies Doi:. Photographs of Criminals and Prostitutes Doi:. Tattoos Doi:. Biology and Psychology of Female Criminals and Prostitutes. Acuteness of Sense and Vision Doi:. The Female Born Criminal Doi:. Occasional Criminals Doi:.

Crimes of Passion Doi:. Suicides Doi:. The Born Prostitute Doi:. The Occasional Prostitute Doi:.

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Insane Criminals Doi:. Epileptic Criminals and the Morally Insane Doi:. Hysterical Criminals Doi:. Appendix 1 : Comparing Three Editions of La donna delinquente.

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Appendix 2 : Illustrations in the Earlier Editions. Notes Doi:. References Doi:. Index Doi:. Email alerts Latest Books.

Duke University Press W. Roosevelt, T. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.

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Wells, H. Warner, et al. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes.

But this question has exercised his mind one may say from his early youth. As a practical scholar, and one feeling himself in a very unusual degree interested in all the problems of contemporary life, he has been forced to give an answer to it. In the preface to the French edition of Mr.

People are content to gather and discuss documents, but they protest against any effort made to utilize them. For it throws light on phenomena hitherto unobserved, thus opening the way to ulterior and more fortunate researches.

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As a matter of practice it is probable that Ferrero inclines principally to a pragmatic concept of theories as instruments of research. But the fact that Mr. His critics indeed have been most irritated by his readiness not only to transport scientific generalizations from their proper field to some other, as may serve his purpose, but also to give the new generalizations he is thus enabled to make an absolute value they do not have, and even again to utilize these new hypotheses as a basis of assumed fact for still others.

In scholars accustomed to rigidly empirical methods, and who in their esteem for accuracy have an instinctive suspicion of imagination, especially if the imaginative product enjoy a great popular success, the magnificent reconstructions of Mr.

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Ferrero in every field that he has touched create an impression of dubious instability. Though it is true that no one of them thus far has collapsed in any essential particular. It is especially to the use Mr.