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Background: Workplace bullying has received international attention. Recent studies in the United States h Be it. The CEO had been hired on November 23, with a mandate to rebrand the museum as a world-class learning en How to Fill the Holes in Mining Inventory? JoAnn put down the inventory reports of four Mosaic mines that she had been contemplating. Keeping track of the vast array of equipment, parts, and supplies required to operate the mines had become an issue.

Secure Data Integration in a Cloud Environment. Honeywell was an industry leader in the aerospace market for both government and commercial needs, and had a proud history of making best-in-class products for a wide range of customers. Habitat for Humanity HFH Florida is best known for their coordination of helping hand for the building of affordable homes in communities all across the world. Although effective at their mission, the organization had been procuring supplies the same way for decades, with no major analyses or innovations to their processes.

Supply chain, supply chain management, procurement, CSCMP, Habitat for Humanity, purchasing, centralized, centralized procurement, decentralized procurement, decentralized, non-profit. How does MCS grow from a small business to a mid-size business? MCS is currently in an in-between phase, too big to be considered small in some industries categories and too small to be considered mid-size in others. Information technology, federal government, small business. Pivotal Decisions in Outsourcing. This discussion case follows a manager of IT for a global mattress manufacturer as he contemplates a decision surrounding conflicting feedback regarding a IT vendor named Pivotal IT.

The case may be taught in both undergraduate upper level and graduate courses.

Background: In times of economic hardship and declining public support, institutions can generate more revenue or reduce expenditures, referred to as retrenchment, to meet their resource needs. Yet, scholarship on organizational approaches to retrenchment is scarce. Methodology: Usi In this study, we attempt to be the first to examine the experiences of international LGB students and the resources they utilize on campuses.

Background: This research provides an understanding of how this population of students One way to address this issue is to promote a stronger college sense of belonging. While student involvement has been linked to sense of belonging, postsecondary institutions need to seriously reflect on, and recommit to, their own role in engaging Black and Latinx students to promote Black and Latinx students, sense of belonging, college student engagement. The Bandura social psychological experiments confirm that people who see aggression also need to witness an intervention to aggression to learn that the organization does not welcome aggression in their work environment.

Background: Humanities and social science faculty teaching undergraduate diversity courses faced the decision of whether, and how, to ad The purpose of this conceptual paper is threefold: to demarginalize the role of Black Americans within the higher education history narrative; to demonstrate the need to reconsider the course reading selections used to facilitate learning in this area; and, to emp Background: This special series was put together in an effort to show the interconnectedness of our world through globalization and internationalization within higher education.

Methodology: A qualitative conceptual analysis of the themes and insig Background: Internationalization efforts have continued to increase and more institutions are codifying internationalization into their mission statements or strategic plans. However, most international students are coming to the United States from countries that Background: One of the purposes of community college internationalization is to equip future generations with the skills and dispositions necessary to be successful in an increasingly globalized workforce. Tertiary education, in particular, contributes to the growth of knowledge and advances skills, which helps in the development of a country.

This paper aims to look at the research and technological output at the tertiary level in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Background: Saudi Arabia and Iran have an aspiration for leadership Background: Transnational education has gained in popularity across the globe, often with English serving as the common languag Vietnam, Germany, transnational education, English as lingua franca, student learning.

Through our experiences, we reflected on what a reimagining U.

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Ghana, study abroad, graduate preparation, higher education, student affairs, African American students, counselor education. As a result, during the past decade, there has been a peak in the inaugurations of chief diversity officers. Yet, little is known about how these offices are established. Background: This study explores and describes the emergence of the chief diversity office a Background: Even if inspired and motivated by inclusion, many of the gender categories in use presently have challenges, including conflating Background: South Korea was ra Beginning in , students were required to use two-year-old tax return information creating a lag in the timeliness of financial health data used to calculate financial aid eligibility.

This older data is called Prior-Pri Specifically, it analyzed the relationship between organizational learning, cultural values and SMEs performance. Background The performance of SMEs has been identified as one of the most important success factors behind growth, development and indu Strategic interventions, organizational learning, cultural values, performance, SMEs.

Essential leadership skills for frontline managers were explored via pilot study interviews and a follow-on survey. Turning a Profit through Professional Membership. Next Horizons is an entrepreneurial for-profit networking business group. The company operates similar to a professional organization with selective membership and membership fees.

Next Horizons aims to expand its current business model by increasing its paying membership. Professional association, professional organization, membership, social exchange theory, systematic review, rapid evidence assessment, rapid evidence assessment. Background The concept of e-learning has grown considerably in the past three or four decades, which ac Information and Communication Technologies, technological skills, training. The paper uses a mixed method approach to conduct a literature review of existing econometric studies to determine the key drivers of export diversification and economic growth, and to examine whether export diversification propels or hinders economic growth.

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The paper differs fundamentally from previous studies, as it focuses on identifying the key variables used, the frequency with which they ar This study aims to assess the effects of these incentives, particularly financial and tax incentives, on the performance of SMEs in the Malaysian food manufacturing sector. Background: Millions of Aligning resources and conditions to achieve an optimal business solution for operating in an Economic Development Zone.

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Operating a business in an Economic Development Zone can offer benefits allowing a business owner to reduce its operating expenses and increasing the competitive advantage. Government, private business, and academia have been placing increasing emphasis on collaboration in multi-stakeholder, multicultural environments. Persons working within the Department of Defense Theater Security Cooperation environment must regularly interact with others coming from cultures that are dissimilar to their own.

They must adapt to these different cultural environments. Entrepreneurship has emerged over the last three decades as arguable the most potent economic force the world has ever experienced. This economic expansion has paralleled rapid growth in the field of entrepreneurship education. Recent developments in curricula and programs devoted to entrepreneurship, new venture creation and corporate innovation have been remarkable. The number of colleges and Is a Culture of Innovation Meaningless to Management?

A culture of innovation is an attribute in business, which can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. The measurement of innovation empirically correlates with other measures of the corporate brand, such as overall reputation, perception of management, and investment potential. It seems logical then that the process of innovation may be a more strategic tool that is akin to corporate b Innovation, innovative, innovation management, innovation processes, business culture, innovative culture, disruptive innovation, intangible assets, brand measurement, brand equity, customer experience.

Fifty million years ago, the equine is chronicled in the early days of Eohippus, the earliest known horse to man.

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In the s, Cortez and Christopher Columbus transported the first domestic horses to the Americas. Ancient times supported the use of horses in times of war where the industry began utilizing the horse as a vehicle. Today, the equine industry is strongly steeped in traditions and cul A qualitative approach to understanding adoption or resistance of long-standing belief systems within the equine industry. The equine industry is changing after hundreds of years of solid foundations built on long-standing beliefs. The natural horse and hoof introduction have spurred a push to wake up this sleeping, yet strong industry.

Both factions of the industry, hoof care, and horsemanship are affected. The debate of natural versus traditional is growing causing friction in some areas and asking participants to p A grounded theory study: From barn to boardroom. Change is inevitable yet change for many is a very hard task. The Wall Street Journal reported in that the U. Many companies pay for high-level consultants to aid around orga Are U.

Millennials Really Disengaged at Work? A Review of the Academic and Practitioner Literature. This is a generational workplace engagement article focused on millennials. The article introduces a variety of academic and practitioner information and research relating to millennial disengagement in the workplace. Concepts covered include employee engagement and disengagement, generational differences and specifically millennial engagement and disengagement. The goal of the article is to revie Millennials, generational differences, workplace engagement, workplace disengagement.

The accountability to minimize costs and remain competitive becomes a responsibility for managers who work in these companies. Therefore, managers must continually look for methods to identify and implement opportunities that improve case manag Case management, case management processes, efficiency, medical cost reduction, healthcare insurance, scientific management theory.

From the beginning of their inception, Student Loans have been a powerful and many times necessary tool to allow middle and low-income families to send their children to college despite the increasingly higher costs Collier, D.

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These loans are highly regulated by the government under different policies that have changed over time based on the needs of the borrowers and go Enterprise resource planning ERP systems are critical to managing student information and college operations, but can be challenging for colleges to implement. Consortia present a unique solution to colleges to address gaps in their expertise and skills needed to achieve a successful ERP implementation, even if that collaboration takes place with a competitor.

There are over 7 billion people worldwide, yet all of the code is being written by a mere 10, people in s Autonomous Vehicle Technology Examination. Inherent expected benefits of this technology such as reduced loss of life, productivity improvements, and greater vehicle efficiency utilization have yet to materialize. Autonomous Vehicles have made rapid advances, yet remain elusive for mass adoption. Almost 40, Americans lose their lives in traffic fatalities every year. The technology for Connected Vehicles and The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Logistics Competency is implementing new technology that will transform the way that logistics analysis is performed.

Implementing technology can be a challenge for organizations and especially when the technology disrupts the existing logistics processes.

Some of the workforce may view the use of digital devices as frustrating and are likely to be re Technology acceptance, TAM, user perceptions, trust, organizational alignment, digital processes, logistics, case study, systematic review. A large complex government organization is planning a restructure of their organization from a hybrid matrix or competency-aligned team structure to a more dominant mission-aligned structure.

This restructure has the potential to spur organizational problems from employee churn, including a decrease in employee engagement as well as detract from product delivery. The purpose of this study is to sy Ambidextrous leader, employee engagement, rapid evidence assessment, reorganization, restructuring, systematic review.

Importance of Aviation Management Research.

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  • This significant shortage of literature on civil aviation management issues. This study addresses the shortage of aviation management research and encourages research work in this field. Aviation management, journal review, research, ICAO strategic goals. Therefore, the objective of this study is to determine passenger perceived quality and satisfaction between Chinese airlines and Foreign airlines.

    Background: Increased wealth and prosperity across Asia has generated a massive increase in air travel. Marketers in airline industry have increasingly become m Background: Airline industry unveiled a serious number of practices to shape rich and personalized passenger experiences and to create new ways to drive profitability. However, due to economic challenges, the risk of fluctuating profitability must be bette Improve profitability, risk reduction, airline industry, variance analysis.

    Background: Ultralight aviation pilots are exposed to different environmental situations due to the non-pressurized and non-acclimatized nature of the aircraft cabin. It also addresses the proposed mechanism to implement the regulations.