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Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

'Los que se quedan: el impacto de la crisis en la salud mental de la población española'

The result is turning out to be just as lethal, or even more so, than in other latitudes: in Spain, the traditional party system is cracking, nationalism is gaining ground at the expense of models based on solidarity and cooperation; feelings are trumping reason; and populism is taking precedence over politics.

As a result, Spain is experiencing the worst crisis of its entire democracy — on a level with the [failed coup of] February 23, — and not a single one of its institutions is safe. The main focus of the crisis is, evidently, Catalonia, and I will return to that later. But the Catalan problem would not have reached its current dimension if it had not coincided in time with other determining factors: the decline, possibly definitive, of the Popular Party PP ; the self-destruction, perhaps also irreversible, of the Socialist Party PSOE , and their replacement on the right and left of the political spectrum by two parties which, being different in genesis and nature, are both more inclined toward populism than politics, and whose personality-driven leaderships are more focused on denouncing problems than in finding solutions — more based on faith than on rational criteria.

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The shakeup of the political scene has brought government action nearly to a halt, legislative activity in parliament is blocked, and both the judiciary and the Spanish king — in a determining public address — have been forced to occupy spaces that they are legally entitled to, but which entail enormous erosion.

Fortunately, this gradual weakening of our institutions has not been mirrored by a strong protest movement on the streets — the latest ones, by women and pensioners, are very recent and not at all anti-establishment. But citizens have grown very skeptical, they have lost faith in the political class and in the institutions, and just like in other countries, there is an attempt to compensate through increased nationalism.

The epicenter of the institutional crisis is clearly Catalonia, where legendary demands and problems that had been silenced for decades came together under a new flareup of fanatical patriotism which, in recent weeks, has evidenced all the racism and xenophobia underpinning it. Besides the serious management problems derived from that conflict, the Catalonia issue has shattered the essential agreement of our democracy: territorial unity based on decentralization and self-government.

It has also created enormous doubts about the quality of our political model, and even about the viability of our democracy.

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