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From Travelwoman. One of the top places to visit in Italy for wine lovers has to be Barolo in the Piedmont region. The Piedmont region is in the northwest of Italy , close to both Milan and Turin. The tiny village of Barolo is well-known for Barolo wine, some of the most prized wines in the world.

Venice: City of Dreams

There are several wineries that you can visit in Barolo including Bruno Giacosa and Massolino. Or, check out AgriLab, which is in the village of Barolo. The AgriLab wine center offers a good selection of Barolo wines.

History and culture

You can purchase a card that allows you to taste several in one visit. The food in Piedmont is unique from other regions within Italy. Italian food differs by region, and there are so many different types of cuisine depending on where in Italy you travel to.

Venice: Recommended Reading

One of the reasons why the food in Piedmont is unique from other regions within Italy is because of the local ingredients. The most important local ingredients include rice, truffles, cheese, and even hazelnuts. One of the most popular Italian food products has to be Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut cream that is from Piedmont.

But, there are amazing local artisan producers of hazelnut cream that are a must eat in Barolo. As for must-eat dishes in Barolo, try the Agnolotti del Plin, a stuffed pasta, or Tajarin, a flat pasta often served with a Barolo-based ragu. If you are looking for a beautiful hidden gem then head to Bergamo. Bergamo blew me away by its beauty — and most of all, I had never expected it to be so charming. After strolling the Venetian Walls, consisting amongst others of 14 bastions and four gates, is over six kilometers long and walking there offer great views of the lower part of the city.

Also, make sure to head to the pretty market square, Piazza Vecchia, of the city with the Campanone Tower and just behind the square you will find the prettiest building in the city: Colleoni Chapel. You might have to enter the chapel to fully get the beauty — but the interior is stunning. Bergamo is such an underrated place in Italy — and yet so pretty! From Arzo Travels. Bologna, Italy may be one of the most underrated cities in Italy , which is surprising given its prime location just an hour away from Venice and Florence, two of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Bologna is home to the oldest university in Europe, and the iconic red rooftops of the city create a memorable landscape. With nearly of 25 miles of beautiful covered porticoes, you can enjoy exploring the city, even in inclement weather. From Travlinmad.

But if you plan to explore the Italian Alps and go hiking, then it must be on your trip itinerary. In fact, Bolzano is known as a hub and a getaway to many hiking trips in the Northern Dolomites. I highly suggest spending at least a whole day to visit Bolzano. Explore the center of the city on foot and stroll to Walther Square, with its beautiful flowered fountain and admire the cathedral on the southern corner, which stands out for the Gothic architecture and its gorgeous emerald green and yellow tiled roof.

From there head to the Mercato Delle Erbe, an iconic place in Bolzano, only a few hundred meters away to dive into the buzzing herbs, fruits, and veggie market. This is the best place to see old buildings and sit in pubs to enjoy the typical Italian Tyrolean food, drink a beer, and taste premium wines. While there are many more things you can do in Bolzano, it is advisable to plan a multi-day itinerary in South Tyrol to visit the northernmost city of Italy.

Capri, Italy is one of the most unique and beautiful destinations in all of Italy. Located off the southern coastline near the Sorrentino peninsula, Capri is reached only by boat, and ferries from Naples, Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast can get you there several times a day. Many tourists visit Capri on a day trip , though spending a few days is much more fun. Capri is known for its high end, designer shops and casually elegant eateries, but there are many activities which revolve around the crystal blue waters that surround the island.

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Taking a boat tour to the Blue Grotto is an Auber-popular attraction but almost a requirement to see the unusual glowing blue water in the cave. Or join a small boat tour and spend the day living la dolce vita, swimming in the gorgeous water and noshing on some Italian food and wine. This beautifully preserved Medieval walled town about 35 kilometers southwest of Florence sits atop a hill with gorgeous views of the surrounding olive groves and vineyards. There are a few sights that you should see, including the Palazzo Pretorio with coats of arms on its castle-like exterior and the home of the Italian poet Boccacio, and lots of amazing restaurants serving dishes made with the famous local Cipollo onion.

But the real highlight of Certaldo is simply wandering the peaceful maze of streets and soaking in that la dolce vita. From Because Germany. The area is a National Park and there are other small towns dotted around it, but the five towns along the coast are the most famous and visited. The five coastal towns are connected by a cliffside hiking trail known as the Sentiero Azzurro Blue Path. With their iconic colorful houses perched on top of steeps cliffs, which drop off into the turquoise sea, the towns of Cinque Terre have marveled travelers for years. Courmayeur , nestled in the Italian Alps, is the perfect town to visit if you are passionate about the great outdoors.

Alongside the abundance of hiking, cycling and climbing on offer, there are plenty more relaxing options too. There are over 40 different spa experiences and the highlight is relaxing with the spectacular mountain views in the outdoor pools that are filled with warm water from natural thermal springs.

If you are not big on walking but would still like to get some elevated mountain views you could take a trip up the impressive Skyway Monte Bianco Cable Car. It has a unique revolving cabin that gives you degree views. At the first platform, wander over the to the beautiful Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden. Or you could hike, or take the cable car, up to Europes highest swimming pool at the outdoor Lido at Plan Checrouit. Not to forget the many great bars and restaurant the town has allowing you to sit back and enjoy an Aperol Spritz after a day out.

Did you know that Tuscany has an island? It is called Elba island and it is situated 10km away from the coast of Italy. The island is famous because it once was the exile of Napoleon but more than that it is great because of its amazing turquoise waters and cute villages. Elba really has famous beaches. But every beach on the island really are super cute and have something charming on their own.

Perfect for a relaxing holiday with kids or not!

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From Les Berlinettes. But the sunny, sandy beaches and ocean vistas make it even more spectacular. Though vacationers flock to the beach towns for the summer sun, and bicycle tours cycle through on a regular basis, the area still feels relatively undiscovered and uncrowded. Not everyone knows that this area is also home to world-class wineries like Sassicaia. From the town of Bolgheri heading toward Castagneto, a road lined with cypress trees has been declared a national monument and continues through olive groves and fertile vineyards. This Wine and Olive Road is the perfect place to do a few tastings and admire the scenery.

Known the world over as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is an absolute must for any first-time traveler to Italy. Between the huge wealth of artistic and historical attractions as well as the fantastic day trips you can take in the region, you can easily spend a week in Florence and do every day something different. For a great day trip, some of the best places to visit from Florence are the medieval towns of Siena and Lucca and Pisa, most famous for its Leaning Tower.

From Chasing the Unexpected. I left my native Italy ten years ago.

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But there is one place that is constantly on my mind, and I must return to each time I visit home. Closer to the Cinque Terre in Liguria than Florence, Garfagnana is blessed by the fresh climate and the breath-taking scenery of the Appennini, and largely remains off the tourist radar. From Penang Insider. Lucca is a small city in Tuscany not far north of Pisa and easily accessible from Florence, making it a great addition to any Italy itinerary.

Italy travel guide

It is one of the best cities to visit in Italy if you want to experience a Medieval city. It is one of the few cities left in the world with intact medieval city walls. The old town is a short walk from the train station, and as you pass through the walls, you find a vibrant city with a cathedral from the s, winding streets, and not one but two towers worth climbing.

The Ore Tower gives a great view of town including the second tower, Tower Guinigi, which has trees growing at the top. The walls themselves are quite wide and grassy on top offering a nice place to run, ride a bike, or just sit to the sun. A handful of museums, churches, plenty of restaurants, and a medieval plaza built over the Roman amphitheater mean there is something here for any interest.

Definitely worth a visit in any season, Lucca is also the host to a large Comic convention in November. From Travel Made Simple. Get the Itinerary. From Everything Zany Maratea. The town sits above a gorgeous stretch of Italian coastline and is known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian. And with plenty of sea caves dotting the coast, you can easily even find a romantic hideaway perfect just for two. From Luxe Adventure Traveler. Every day in Matera is an adventure. Kids will love exploring here — especially when they find out that they can stay in one of the amazing cave hotels.

Matera is still relatively unknown to foreign tourists which gives it all the more charm. It has that delightfully laidback feel of a small Italian town. Go now before everyone finds out about it.

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From Suitcases and Sandcastles. Midday can get busy with tourist groups, but they usually flee by mid-afternoon so you can drink deeply of some authentic Tuscan magic From Local Passport Family.

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  • Its high vantage point means there are breathtaking views of neighboring towns and the blue sea down below. Its the perfect place to go for a slow holiday and part of the beauty of this town is simply exploring its steep! There are beautiful churches and sanctuaries to admire but the best thing to do in Ravello is to visit Villa Cimbrone, a stunning villa that dates back over one thousand years!