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In Great Britain, there is a division in its court system between law and equity. There are courts of law and courts of equity in Great Britain. They also have a division between attorneys who prepare contracts, wills and trusts, deeds to real property, the forming of corporations, and the handling of business transactions, which are called Solicitors. Those attorneys in Great Britain that represent clients in court are called Barristers. In the United States, the same courts handle both law and equity matters and the same attorneys handle all matters outside courts and inside courts.

In the middle ages, the Catholic Church ran most of the cases involving equity issues, along with discipline of the clergy and those committing more defenses. The Catholic Church had the authority to try cases involving breach of moral duties of its Priests and Nuns, or failure to perform religious duties.

The Church also had jurisdiction regarding marriages, including adoptions, wards, divorces, legitimacy Paternity cases , wills, administration of intestate estates, and served as a registry of marriages, baptism, and deaths and burials. The Roman Catholic Church historically has demanded the right to regulate and to have exclusive jurisdiction over the conduct of its Priests and Nuns, have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate heretical teachings, and over all matters that were exclusively within the Church government and domain. With the annulment, the marriage never occurred in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

The Protestant Churches have records of abuse historically, such Salem Witch trials, where women were executed in the century. Likewise, the Catholic Church has had its abuse of judicial power over the centuries, with such things as the Spanish Inquisitions. In the last couple of decades there has been a cover-up of the priests who were pedophiles as the Catholic Church felt it had the exclusive jurisdiction over discipline of their priests. Yet, in so doing, the Catholic Church elders ignored the victims of the priests, which are being addressed with civil monetary damages.

To a degree, the Catholic Church has addressed these issues and has paid compensation in the millions for the victims. What changes in the Catholic Church structure for checks and balances against this kind of abuse still has to be set up.

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Also, these crimes against children by clergy gave rise to the issue of whether the Priests and Nuns should be allowed to marry and to abolish the practice of requiring celibacy. Peter, who the Romans Catholic Church contends was the first Pope, was married. In these edicts the bishops were to practice abstinence if they were married a few days before they ministered the Eucharist.

Yet, in AD , the Council of Nicea, convened by Constantine, rejected Celibacy requirement for Priests who were already married, but disallowed Priests to marry after ordination. In AD , the Council of Aix-la-Chapelle openly confirmed that abortions and infanticide took place in convents and monasteries to cover up sexual violations of uncelibate clergy. Bishop Ulrich at that time argued from scripture and common sense that the only way to purify the Roman Catholic Church from violation of celibacy regulations by clergy was to permit Priests and Nuns to marry after ordination.

However, at the Council of Trent in the eleventh century, the Roman Catholic Church made it a law that Celibacy was a condition precedent for the conferring of Orders of Priesthood. I commend the Roman Catholic Church Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Nuns, and other leaders for their steadfast fight against abortion for many decades. Yet, I do see a failure to lead by example. Thus, the Roman Catholic Church has officially decreed against the use of artificial birth control.

This is a failure of their fiduciary duties to live by example. Roman Catholic Church Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Nuns, and other leaders should marry and have as many children as possible as examples to other Roman Catholics. The New Testament is really the Last Will and Testament of Jesus, with the recordation of testimony, tribulations, failures, and works of the heirs of salvation. A Will has a Testator, an Executor, and Heirs.

A Will has to be probated in Court, where the assets are itemized and the heirs are recognized. The Probate Judge requires the Holy Spirit to marshal all the assets and show an accounting to the Judge. The reason is not all the heirs have been found, recognized, adjudicated with such identification, as new born again Believers are added daily. And if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? How much more things that pertain to this life? Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you?

Why do ye not rather take wrong? Why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? During the thousand year reign, Believers are given the right and authority to judge over the fallen angel, Lucifer. Since Believers are commanded in John to love each other, then agape love has to be shown toward both parties during any adjudication concerning Believers, especially leaders in the Body of Christ. Paul judged the matter of someone involved in sexual immorality in the Corinthian church.

Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us. Paul always expressed love as the ultimate motive in any discipline. In 1 Timothy , Paul recognized that Ephesians ministers live in a fish bowl, where everyone in the fellowship is looking at them. Also, when a televangelist becomes famous, he or she is really a target for the public under the sway of the devil. They are attacked by people in public and even are targeted by the government, such as the IRS. The secular media takes great pleasure when a pastor, evangelist, or teacher has been discovered to have been accused of committing a sin in violation of even the civil or criminal laws of the land.

Sometimes, you are being persecuted for no wrongdoing on your part.

There are sometimes groundless charges filed against Ephesians ministers, especially televangelists. For example, in , Sharon Brown, a flight attendant on Continental Airlines filed a lawsuit stating that Victoria Osteen, wife of TV minister Joel Osteen, assaulted her in after Victoria requested several times for them to clean up a liquid mess in the armrest in her first-class seat on the airplane. At the trial in , all the passenger witnesses on board in the first class seating section testified that no physical touching occurred by Victoria Osteen, but rather the confrontation was strictly verbal.

The Jury trial lasted one week, and the jury in a short time returned a verdict in favor of Victoria Osteen. The foreman commented afterwards to the press that the jury felt it was a totally non-meritorious and frivolous lawsuit and the jury wished they had the authority to award attorney fees to Victoria Osteen.

The “Good News”

Truth is truth. For three years Victoria Osteen was held in false light. After the jury verdict, very little attention in the news was reported that Victoria Osteen was found innocent of any wrongdoing. Sharon Brown tried to extract money from the Osteens before the trial in settlement, warning them that their bad publicity could harm their large Christian ministry, but the Osteens are principled people and went to trial because Victoria was innocent.

Yet, it cost the Osteens several hundred thousand dollars in attorney fees to defend Victoria and seek justice. Brown did not have to reimburse the Osteens for their attorney fees. I have the same problem as an attorney at law. Most people are prejudice against attorneys and it is difficult for an attorney to get a fair trial in front of a jury. People have their prejudices and profile people based upon their race, gender, religion, national origin, or profession. Another example was the criminal trial of Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker was found guilty by a jury, but the abuse came by the Judge in the sentencing stage following the trial.

Jim Bakker eventually served five years in prison. The body of Christ has restored Jim Bakker to ministry after his repentance, which is the mandate in Galatians The myth is also an example of poignant human experience, reflecting the joys, sorrows, and hopes of mankind in the face of death.

The mysteries of human life and death are vividly enacted by Demeter, Persephone, and Hades. Hades, the god of death, stole the beloved daughter, Persephone, from Demeter, the life giver, who refused to admit defeat until she secured her daughter's resurrection.

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In this legend, human beings, who are always loved and lost, are depicted as never or seldom loosing hope for reunion with their God. These fundamental human experiences and the life of nature are the main substances of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Sacrifice of Love, Jesus Christ and the Cross

Now when we observe the modern Greek Easter festival it seems certain that it preserves the spirit if not the form of the old Eleusinian worship. In the spring, those who had shared Demeter's grief for the loss of her daugher welcomed the return of Persephone with all the joy that the returning life of vegetation might kindle. And today similar experiences are represented by Greek Christians.

After mourning over the dead Christ, represented most conspicuously by a wax image carried through the streets, there comes an announcement by the priest, on the midnight before Easter Sunday, that Christ is risen.

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  • At this moment the light from the candle of the priest is passed on to light the candles of his companions; guns and firecrackers are discharged as they prepare to break the Lenten fast. So we might say that Eleusinianism was not blotted out by Christianity. On the contrary many of its forms and some of its old content has been perpetuated in Christianity. Mithraism is perhaps the greatest example of paganism's last effort to reconcile itself to the great spiritual movement which was gaining such sturdy influence with its purer conception of God. All this goes to show how important Mithraism was in ancient times.

    It was suppressed by the Christians sometime in the latter part of the fourth century A. Originally Mithra was one of the lesser gods of the ancient Persian pantheon, but at the time of Christ he had come to be co-equal with Ahura Mazda, the Supreme Being. He emerges from the rocky summits of eastern mountains at dawn, and goes through heaven with a team of four white horses; when the night falls he still illumines the surface of the earth, "ever walking, ever watchful.

    He hears all and sees all: none can deceive him. Such designations of our Lord as the Dayspring from on High, The Light, the Sun of Righteousness, and similar expressions seem to come directly from Mithraic influence. Again tradition has it that Mithra was born from a rock, "the god out of the rock.

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    Now it seems that the general belief of the early church that Jesus was born in a cave grows directly out of Mithraic ideas. The words of St. Paul, "They drank of that spiritual rock.

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    • The Hebrew Sabbath having been abolished by Christians, the Church made a sacred day of Sunday, partly because it was the day of resurrection. But when we observe a little further we find that as a solar festival, Sunday was the sacred day of Mithra; it is also interesting to notice that since Mithra was addressed as Lord, Sunday must have been "the Lord's Day" long before Christian use. To make the picture a little more clear, we may list a few of the similarities between these two religions: 1 Both regard Sunday as a holy day.