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I set out that day to go through a simple hike through the woods. Eller's disappearance in early May sparked a major rescue effort, and she was ultimately found by three rescue workers — Troy Helmer, Javier Cantellops, and Chris Berquist — deep in the forest. She survived on berries and even spent a night in a wild boar's den for shelter.

Amanda Eller second from left was found after going missing during a hike in Maui, Hawaii, more than two weeks ago. She said she initially set out on a 3-mile run but later opted to hike because of fallen trees that hindered the route.

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After spending time meditating, she lost track of the path that led to her car. Had I had my cell phone with me that would not have been the case so that was my irresponsibility and for that I apologize. Nicole Einbinder. Snapchat icon A ghost.

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These substances can contain harsh chemicals that will accelerate the wear on your items. Additionally, the excess oils and debris accumulated on your skin when you are active will dirty and dull even the brightest of jewelry.

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When even minor scratches occur, as seen under a microscope, the surface looks like the ragged edge of a saw blade and light is bounced in and around those scratches like a voice echoing in the Alps. An unmarred surface allows the light to be bounced back smoothly, with no echoes, and results in a highly reflective surface.

These materials may impart fine scratches in the metal, especially on sterling silver.

The Silver Hawaiian

If storing your jewelry, clean it first by gently wiping free all oils or accumulations using a jewelry polishing cloth. To help prevent tarnish on silver jewelry, you might also try wrapping your jewelry in tissue paper, and placing it inside a sealed container such as a plastic zip lock bag. We highly recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned approximately every six months, especially if it is worn daily. This is also a great time to check settings, and perform general maintenance to keep your jewelry looking just as fantastic as it did when you received it.

For more information on our jewelry repair and maintenance services, click here. To the Top. Menu Customer Service.

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Search for:. Jewelry Care Tips Proper jewelry care begins with keeping your jewelry clean.

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Cleaning Gold Jewelry Although gold does not tarnish, it can become dirtied or dulled by the oils produced by your skin, makeup, lotions, or other foreign substances. A mixture of warm water and a mild detergent can be used to soak the jewelry for just a few minutes. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any debris.

Remove the jewelry from the soapy water making sure to rinse it thoroughly. Promptly dry and polish your jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth.

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Cleaning Silver Jewelry Over time, sterling silver may tarnish or develop dark spots. Always put your silver jewelry on last, after hair spray, perfumes, lotions or oils, as these products can cause dark spots. To further prevent this, you can try wrapping your sterling silver jewelry in tissue paper and placing it inside a sealed container, such as a plastic zip lock bag.

Make sure to clean your jewelry before storing it. If your jewelry has become tarnished, you may use a solution of warm water with a mild detergent to soak it for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse and dry the jewelry being careful not to scratch it. Remember that silver is much softer than gold, and will scratch easily by a fingernail or a rough cloth. Sometimes professional cleaning may be required to obtain that sparkling new look.