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Following such barely concealed malice, we can hardly blame Fleabag for stealing the statue back, while the theft revealed in the final moments of the episode brings the show and character back round to how it all started. But, unlike Charles, he goes through with the wedding. In the finale, Fleabag says it back to him following their make-out session at the wedding.

Related news. All about Fleabag. You might like. The biggest TV shows still to come in Fleabag to return for series 2 in You're trying to entertain them. Chase also addressed the opinion of some that the open-ended finale was insulting to the show's longtime fans:.

1. What happened to Gamora?

I saw some items in the press that said, "This was a huge fuck you to the audience. Why would we want to do that? Why would we entertain people for eight years only to give them the finger? We don't have contempt for the audience. In fact, I think The Sopranos is the only show that actually gave the audience credit for having some intelligence and attention span. We always operated as though people don't need to be spoon-fed every single thing—that their instincts and feelings and humanity will tell them what's going on.

In an interview conducted by Brett Martin several weeks after the finale's original broadcast, Chase shared his views on the final episode and the reaction to it.

On those fans of the show who demanded an unambiguous and definitive ending, Chase remarked,. There was so much more to say than could have been conveyed by an image of Tony facedown in a bowl of onion rings with a bullet in his head. Or, on the other side, taking over the New York mob.

The way I see it is that Tony Soprano had been people's alter ego. They had gleefully watched him rob, kill, pillage, lie, and cheat.

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They had cheered him on. And then, all of a sudden, they wanted to see him punished for all that. They wanted "justice. I thought that was disgusting, frankly. Chase also made comments about the purported lack of finality in the final episode:. This wasn't really about "leaving the door open. Whether it happened that night or some other night doesn't matter.

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On the future of the Soprano children, Chase said,. But he's not going to be a killer like his father, is he? Meadow may not be a pediatrician or even a lawyer, but she's not going to be a housewife like her mother. She'll learn to operate in the world in ways Carmela never did. On moments during and after the final scene, Chase referred to a scene from the episode " Stage 5 ":. There are no esoteric clues in there. No Da Vinci Code.

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Everything that pertains to that episode was in that episode. And it was in the episode before that and the one before that and seasons before this one and so on. There had been indications of what the end is like. Remember when Gerry Torciano was killed? Silvio was not aware that the gun had been fired until after Gerry was on his way down to the floor.

That's the way things happen: It's already going on by the time you even notice it.

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And I'm not trying to be coy. It's just that I think that to explain it would diminish it. In a December radio interview with Richard Belzer , Chase also mentioned the scenes from "Stage 5" and "Soprano Home Movies" in relation to the final scene. I wasn't going to do this, but somebody said it would be a good idea if we said something about that ending. I really wasn't going to go into it, but I'll just say this When it was over, I said, "Wow That's all I'll say.

Chase revisited the final scene in an April interview with DGA Quarterly [32] and "suggested that fans, experts, and scholars have been over-thinking the ending to the show.

It was very simple and much more on the nose than people think. Life is short. Either it ends here for Tony or some other time.

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In response to reports that Chase has offered a definitive answer to the question of whether Tony Soprano lived or died, at the show's conclusion, [34] [35] Chase has issued denials indicating such reports were incorrect and reiterated the stance he has consistently taken on the subject, and publications have printed retractions. Most recently, however, in a January interview with Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz for their book The Sopranos Sessions , Chase refers to the final scene as "that death scene". Matt then asks Chase if he is aware of his choice of words to which the latter, after a long pause, responds with an expletive.

According to Nielsen ratings , an average of It was also the show's largest audience since the season five premiere. During the weeks following the episode's original broadcast, "Made in America" and its closing scene in particular became the subject of much discussion and analysis. Several new interpretations and explanations of the ending were presented in magazines and on blogs , which led many critics and fans to reevaluate the ending.

Marisa Carroll of PopMatters awarded "Made in America" a score of 8 out of 10 and particularly praised the final scene as one of the best of the series. Ryan later wrote: "Chase got me totally wound up, then ripped me away from that world. I was really mad at first [ But minutes after the finale ended, I started laughing. Retrospective reviews of "Made in America" have been highly positive; the episode has been included on several lists of the best series finales of all time.

Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger wrote, in an essay analyzing the finale one year after its original broadcast, that he felt the episode was "brilliant. Wiley of Blogcritics wrote: "by focusing on that last ambiguous parting shot from creator David Chase , we run the risk of forgetting just how beautifully structured and executed an hour of television 'Made in America' is" and ranked it as the eighth-best series finale ever.

The much-anticipated closer had everyone waiting to see if Tony was finally going to go from whacker to whackee. Instead, they got Journey, a greasy plate of onion rings and a black screen. But, the fact that we're still talking about it proves—for better or worse—that the episode did its job. It was the only category the episode was nominated in.

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