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The Fall of Constantinople and the Final Tragedy of our Times

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Search Search for:. Donate Donate to the Show. Episode 7 — Women in the Roman World. And in the Tomb of St. John let make his Grave there in his Life, and laid himself therein all alive; and therefore some Men say, that he died not, but that he resteth there till the Day of Doom. And, forsooth, there is a great Marvel; for Men may see there the Earth of the Tomb openly many times stir and move, as though there were alive Things underneath. Nicholas was born, and so to Martha Myra , where he was chosen to be Bishop; and there groweth right good Wine and strong, and that Men call Wine of Martha.

And they of the Isles call her Lady of the Land. And she lieth in an old Castle, in a Cave, and sheweth twice or thrice in the Year, and she doth no Harm to no Man, but if Men do her Harm. And she was thus changed and transformed, from a fair Damosel, into Likeness of a Dragon, by a Goddess that was clept Diana.

The Prince of India: Or, Why Constantinople Fell

And Men say, that she shall so endure in that Form of a Dragon, unto the Time that a Knight come, that is so hardy, that dare come to her and kiss her on the Mouth; and then shall she turn again to her own Kind, and be a Woman again, but after that she shall not live long. And it is not long since, that a Knight of Rhodes, that was hardy and doughty in Arms, said that he would kiss her. And when he was upon his Courser, and went to the Castle, and entered into the Cave, the Dragon lift up her Head against him. And when the Knight saw her in that Form so hideous and so horrible he fled away.

And so was lost both Horse and Man. And also a young Man, that wist not of the Dragon, went out of a Ship, and went through the Isle till that he came to the Castle, and came into the Cave, and went so long, till that he found a Chamber; and there he saw a Damosel that combed her Head and looked in a Mirror; and she had much Treasure about her.


And he trowed that she had been a common Woman, that dwelled there to receive Men to Folly. And he abode, till the Damosel saw the Shadow of him in the Mirror.

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And she turned her toward him, and asked him what he would? And he said, he would be her Leman or Paramour.


And she asked him, if that he were a Knight? And he said, Nay. And if thou kiss me, thou shalt have all this Treasure, and be my Lord, and Lord also of all the Isle. And he departed from her and went to his Fellows to the Ship, and let make him a Knight and came again upon the Morrow to kiss this Damosel. And when he saw her come out of the Cave in Form of a Dragon, so hideous and horrible, he had so great Dread, that he fled again to the Ship, and she followed him.

And when she saw that he turned not again, she began to cry, as a Thing that had much Sorrow; and then she turned again into her Cave. And anon the Knight died. And since then might no Knight see her, but that he died anon. But when a Knight cometh, that is so hardy to kiss her, he shall not die; but he shall turn the Damosel into her right Form and natural Shape, and he shall be Lord of all the Countries and Isles abovesaid.

And from thence Men come to the Isle of Rhodes, the which Isle the Hospitallers hold and govern; and that took they some-time from the Emperor.

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  • And from this Isle of Rhodes Men go to Cyprus, where be many Vines, that first be red and after one Year they become white; and those Wines that be most white, be most clear and best of Smell. For he had a fair Damosel, that he loved well for his Paramour; and she died suddenly, and was put in a Tomb of Marble. And for the great Lust that he had to her, he went in the Night unto her Tomb and opened it, and went in and lay by her, and went his Way.

    And there be many perilous Passages. From Rhodes to Cyprus be Mile and more. But Men may go to Cyprus, and not touch at Rhodes.

    Paschal Proclamations

    Cyprus is a right good Isle, and a fair and a great, and it hath 4 principal Cities within him. And there is an Archbishop at Nicosea, and 4 other Bishops in that Land. And some Men trow, that there is half the Cross of our Lord; but it is not so, and they do Evil that make Men to believe so.

    And beside Famagusta was Saint Barnabas the Apostle born. In Cyprus Men hunt with Papyonns, that be like Leopards, and they take wild Beasts right well, and they be somewhat more big than Lions; and they take more sharply the Beasts, and more nimbly than do Hounds. For they make Ditches in the Earth all about in the Hall, deep to the Knee, and they do pave them; and when they will eat, they go therein and sit there.

    And the Reason is that they may be the more cool; for that Land is much more hotter than it is here. There was some-time a great City and a good of Christian Men, but Saracens have destroyed it a great Part; and they keep that Haven right well, for Dread of Christian Men. Men might go more straight to that Haven, and touch not at Cyprus, but they go gladly to Cyprus to rest them on the Land, or else to buy Things, that they have need for their Living. On the Sea-side Men may find many Rubies.

    And before Tyre was wont to be the Stone, on the which our Lord sat and preached, and on that Stone was founded the Church of Saint Saviour. And 16 Mile from Sidon is Beirout. And from Sardenare it is 5 Mile to Damascus. And whoso will go long time on the Sea, and come nearer to Jerusalem, he shall go by Sea to the Port Jaffa. And whoso will arrive at the Port of Tyre or of Sur, that I have first spoken of before, may go by Land, if he will, to Jerusalem.