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Dallerie Davis, a co-founder of City of Presidents, said the Obama statue will be more than just one that's standing and waving.

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According to a map of downtown Rapid City, the statues of the presidents are positioned , mostly, in groups of four at street intersections. The location for Obama's statue has yet to be announced.

About This Rapid City scavenger hunt

Davis said excitement about Obama's coming statue is building. I feel we will have a really good audience for that one," Davis said. Joseph Streets.

The Hall of Presidents - Full Show starring Obama at Disney's Magic Kingdom

The statue of President Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha was placed on the street corner Monday morning. Hundreds of people showed up to get a first glimpse of the statue and show support for the organizations that made it possible. Now 43 street corners throughout Rapid City feature a president; a task that has taken two decades to accomplish.

Obama Sculpture With Daughter Turns Heads In South Dakota

Don Perdue founded the project and has seen the culture of Rapid City grow in the meantime. Download the app on your iPhone or Android device today for breaking news and weather alerts in the palm of your hand. Newest resident added to City of Presidents July 15, Megan Murat ,.

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Truman and James Buchanan. Sculptor John Lopez also has its roster. Grant, Warren G.

South Dakota's City of Presidents Unveils Obama Statue | Smart News | Smithsonian

Eisenhower, Rutherford B. Edward E.

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