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Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers.

Dragon Shamanism

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception is a new kind of autobiography - an interdimensional odyssey that weaves its magical threads through one's own existence in a way that has to be experienced to be believed. In this revised edition, Lujan clarifies and expands upon key elements of his teachings.

Listeners familiar with the original will be surprised at the awakenings that unfold via powerful additions woven throughout the text. Some chapters have been removed, others expanded upon, and exciting new material has come to light. Throughout this book, we accompany Lujan Matus during pivotal journeys on his path to becoming a shaman. With in-depth explanations, he and his benefactors impart an empowering sequence of transmissions that offer unprecedented insight into the intricacies of human existence.

In sharing his experiences, Lujan opens the door to a universe of mythical proportions and bestows vital keys to access these dimensional possibilities in one's own life. The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception magnifies the essence of the ancient wisdom traditions in a functional, non-dogmatic format that speaks directly to the heart. One may recognize strands of Tibetan Dzogchen and Taoism, and aficionados of Toltec wisdom will discern the unmistakably potent voice of Don Juan Matus and discover the mysterious guiding influence of the ancient seer, Xoxonapo.

With direct language, Lujan conveys an otherworldly grasp of human nature, not to mention coherent accounts of interdimensional travel, a precise description of the enigmatic manifestation of the energy double, insights into the nonlinear nature of time, and the elucidation of hieroglyphs that are maps to completely open one's perception, this is a bridge to new thresholds unlike any other.

When W. Like countless others, Bill had been galvanized when concepts like "the energy double', "dreaming awareness', and "first and second attention', were introduced in the s.

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Exploring these fascinating propositions in his own waking and dreaming life, he is faced with discoveries and challenges utterly unaccounted for by conventional definitions of reality. Bill begins faithfully documenting his exchanges with Lujan, and the result is a most extraordinary manual on the crucial yet little understood subject of reclaiming our dimensional sovereignty.

A friendly flow of dialogue belies the gravity of this material, as Lujan deftly elucidates the very fabric of existence with humble yet unequivocal authority. Is there anything you would like to offer as a means of bringing people into an understanding of what you offer? This is the most magnificent gift that we have obtained by being human. There is never enough time, yet within that incremental chance, pressure applies its wisdom. There is an immense focus in this community on manifesting official, public disclosure of the ET presence, suppressed high technology and the truth about human history.

There can be no real moving forward unless there is full disclosure. I believe that the suppression of this information has got to do with the utilization of advanced technologies, which are now being deployed.

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We are very young as a species in terms of our collective and individual maturity. We are allowing things to happen via the fact that we do not really know or understand the suppression behind the technologies that will advance us in one generation towards a unified utopia upon this planet. The fear-mongering that has been representative of our earthly bondage over thousands of years, is the main reason behind non-disclosure. The dictatorial process does not want to lose the grip of power that is sustaining it. This wholly and solely has to do with the utilization of our species in a very unusual slavery.

It has all got to do with money quite frankly. The frequencies emanating from our phones, computers, and cell towers soon will be all-encompassing. We must be careful to be aware of what is happening right now because it is more important than full disclosure because it is hiding in plain sight. When this technology has established its foothold it will be too late. Everybody must study and become aware of what is being presented as our rights through the vehicle of so-called growth.

It is right in front of you all. It sits in your pocket. It is in your hand as you gaze upon it. It emits a frequency that makes you bond to it, instead of to your brothers and sisters that sit across the table from you. Do you realize you are hypnotized? As a contactee, you have the benefit of direct experience with our non-terrestrial brethren. Does being a contactee give you an advantage in terms of progress or perspective? Many struggle with chronic skepticism and inner contradictions due to having no personal experience with this phenomenon while feeling it to be true.

How can they proceed in supporting the collective experience of disclosure without yet having such experiences in their life path?

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I realize upon my journey it is very difficult for anyone to feel what my experiences were, in terms of my contact. They are beautiful, gentle, exquisite beings. They left with me such longing, in terms of what we could be experiencing as a humanity. I endeavored within those pages to describe the perception that a human being must attempt to embrace so as to progress upon their own path to realize their higher self-realizations.

Within this the skeptics will discover themselves anew because it really is of no importance whether one has had contact or not. The illusion that besets us is quite immense in terms of disclosure. What would you say if I told you that extraterrestrials are quite frankly frightened of us, because of what we are capable of? Within that barbarism this leads our extraterrestrial brothers to know that this behavior is a barrier that blocks humanity in fear of them because, since the late forties there has been a program besetting human consciousness, installing within people memories of being abductees.

What if I told you that it was us that was doing this to our own species, as a long-range goal to present to humanity that we are in danger and we must fear them, as we fear our own brethren on our own planet? I will say once again; everything is hidden in plain sight. What we believe is the truth is as such, but is that all there is to us? The war-mongering on our planet has been immense.

Man pitted against man. Look closely at our own history—even to your own behavioral patterns—as you experience conflict and division in the smallest circumstances. Here you will find your answers about what is coming; illusions upon illusions. What is most difficult for human beings at our present stage of evolution is to witness what we are observing, rather than interfering with that perception.

Ponder upon this very carefully because it brings us into a state of service that knows that there is a constant that is a continual flux that demands change upon every moment that is continually escaping us.

This is true progress and within these magical thresholds one will find compassion and love within their heart and this will bring a deep understanding that will lead us to know that we are not in harmony at the moment and what we must pursue is the opposite to what we have all been doing as a collective. We are all responsible.

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Do you have any advice to offer this community on finding greater unity in the face of attacks and social conditioning that constantly encourage division and fear? The best thing to do is not to listen to social media and the news when it gets too upsetting. And alternatively be of service to the people that you care for. To be as what we once were; only occupied with what is right in front of us. Closing a door softly.

Digital Consciousness TV Interview with Nagual Lujan Matus

Walking gently upon the ground. I have personally come into the experience of attracting and manifesting full disclosure as a process of becoming more personally transparent and less about trying to force an official, public revelation of disclosure. The only thing that is of importance is the very thing in front of you that you must learn to see and recognize that this is the truest reality that can be entrusted to a human soul the wisdom of the very moment that is escaping us.

Do you have any personal experience or knowledge of the Mandela Effect? Why is this happening? You have memories of being a time traveler in a future incarnation. Many insiders and whistleblowers are coming forward about time travel as something that has been occurring with our current civilization for some time.

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Do you have any knowledge of the ramifications of humans altering events in time?