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Her singing career was going from strength to strength until the day she found herself unable to speak above a whisper.

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Her doctors have recommended rest—for three months. Will three months be long enough to recover her voice, and will it be too long for her to resist, big, sweet Carter? These are NOT meant to be read as standalone stories and need to be read in order. Each book contains one couple's story. However, they are best read in order to get full enjoyment of the underlying story and friendships. In their own words they are - the "Suit", the "Vet" and the "Geek. Just because a few decades—or more—have skipped by since you were in your twenties it doesn't mean you can't find love, does it?

Summer Lake Silver stories find happily ever afters for those who remember being thirty-something—vaguely. Inferno of Love Erin Wright. A man of integrity…with a secret desire Moose Garrett just wants to do the right thing. Fulfill his duty. Honor his parents. Ignore the girl he needs to forget.

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Everyone in Sawyer expects Moose to woo and wed the town beauty queen — not Georgia Rowland. Georgia is strictly off limits.

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  7. But matters of the heart are about as predictable as a wildfire — a wildfire that comes straight out of nowhere…and changes everything. She pushes pesky thoughts of him clear out of her mind. She never pays a bit of attention to his powerful build, or how his blue jeans show off his lean and muscular body. And for the record, she barely even notices the way his slow, sultry smile makes her knees wobbly.

    Because that hardly ever happens.

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    So yeah, Moose is the last man she should dream about. Just to find her… Inferno of Love is the second novel in the Firefighters of Long Valley series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. A country boy who hates Christmas for a reason, dammit… When Luke Nash runs into Stetson Miller down at the feed store, he never expects his friend to strong-arm him into spending Christmas at the Miller farm. Luke has no patience for Christmas cheer or Yuletide song.

    No matter how infuriatingly pretty she might be. A city girl who loves Christmas… Bonnie Patterson adores Christmas, so when her best friend Jennifer invites her to spend Christmas at the Miller farm, she jumps at the chance. The Storm of the Century… Instead of a peaceful holiday in the country, Bonnie gets stranded at the Miller farm by a blizzard. Even worse, she's snowed-in with Luke, an arrogant, impossible, but damn sexy cowboy. When the fly sparks, will two people who are oh-so-different find their own Christmas miracle? Blizzard of Love is the second novella in the Long Valley Romance series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones.

    Urban Cowboy (1980): Revisiting Sexy Movie

    This is a sweeter romance with minimal sex and mild language. Mischief in Montana Pamela M.

    Travis Jones has been in love with Isabella Graham for what seems like forever, but he's never done anything about it, especially since his best friend Christian was dating her. But now that Christian is married to someone else, Travis is finally ready to make his move. But Isabella has no idea how Travis feels.

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    She thinks of him as her bossy friend and an attorney that she does a lot of work with. She would like to date Aidan who just moved back to town after living in NYC for many years as a celebrated artist.

    A sexy Wyoming cowboy Riders #9.5 - Adult Fiction Audiobook HD

    Aidan seems somewhat interested but is hard to read, making him that much more of a challenge…and has Travis wondering if he even has a chance. But he isn't going to give up trying. Add in Missy, a new bubbly blonde realtor that Isabella has to train, and her conniving, fake Southern Belle cousin Bethany, who is newly divorced and has set her eyes on Travis, and Isabella has quite a lot to deal with! Could home be 'on the range'?

    After teaching at a prestigious university, Luke McGregor is headed home to his family's ranch in Grand, Montana, to help his brothers raise their baby niece and nephews and to help save the struggling ranch. His long-time girlfriend wants no part of playing cowgirl and dumps him fast. Luke commits himself to being home for at least a year and throws himself into family and ranch life. A chance meeting with a beautiful and free-spirited woman and a promising first date makes him wonder if his place is necessarily in a big city. Plucky Mara Ramos has lived much of her life on the road as a performer, but a dance injury, that permanently sidelines her professional career and ends her fling with a famous pop star, strands her in the middle of Montana.

    She likes the friendly small town and soon opens a dance studio intent on building a new life for herself. A casual date with an enigmatic, flirty stranger, who is so much more than a cowboy, teases Mara with the possibility of putting down roots and finding a happy every after. If he's all about family, can he make a decision that will keep Mara in his life? New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe triumphs with her latest Wyoming Rebels novel, in which a rugged cowboy offers his spare bedroom as "friends only" to the woman he has secretly loved for a decade, and things get complicated in a hurry.

    Amazon Review Ten years ago, the shadows that haunt Ryder Stockton made him walk away from his best friend, the only woman he ever loved. She needs a friend. He wants her heart. Can he give her both? When Zoey Wilson returns to her hometown of Rogue Valley to recover from a shattering divorce, the last thing she wants is romance, especially with the man who broke her heart so long ago.

    A Gentleman Revealed by Cooper Davis: | Books

    But when her apartment burns down and she moves in with Ryder for a few days as "friends only," suddenly she finds herself getting much closer with her former best friend than she wants…or does she? As determined as Zoey is to get out of town as fast she can, the dangerous, handsome cowboy she's always loved is equally determined to do it right this time…and win her heart forever.

    I love this series. All the brothers are fantastic characters…capable of such love and loyalty. As an award-winning author, Stephanie has been touching readers' hearts and keeping them spellbound for more than a decade with her contemporary romances, romantic suspense, and paranormal romances.

    Hitching the Cowboy Kennedy Fox. He never saw her coming, but she might be worth the risk. Zoey Mitchell is high on life, free spirited, and adventurous.

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    However, learning she married a rowdy cowboy after a night of partying is not what she expected—even for her. Deciding to give their instant marriage a chance, Zoey moves from her big city life to a small town Texas ranch. She has to know if their connection is based on more than just a wild one-night stand before announcing to her family that she got hitched. One moment changes everything— for better or worse —and a secret could destroy them both.

    Tough Luck Cowboy A. From this "fabulous storyteller" Carolyn Brown, New York Times bestselling author comes a sweet western romance between a rodeo cowboy and his best friend's ex-wife. What's the saying, bad luck comes in threes? If so, Lily Green is due for something good.

    First, her divorce is finalizedon her birthday, no less. Then the first job she lands for her catering company turns out to be for her ex-husband's wedding. To top it off, she's stuck working the event with Luke Everett, the sexy-as-hell best man who's never been able to stand her. When can a girl catch a break? For years, Luke has kept his feelings for Lily safely hidden.