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That message appears to have been heeded by a number of governments, companies, and civil society groups who committed to major nature-based climate initiatives at the UN Climate Summit held last Monday and the NYC Climate Week that concludes this weekend. Germany, Norway, and Peru have also signaled their support. The focus of the initiative will be on the intact forests of the Amazon, the Congo Basin, New Guinea, and the northern Boreal zone, as well as smaller intact forests in places like Mesoamerica, Madagascar, and South and Southeast Asia.

One of the first major regional efforts supported by the partnership will be the 5 Great Forests of Mesoamerica Initiative , also launched during Climate Week. Institutional investors are getting in on the nature-based climate action as well. If these statements and alliances were warning shots from investors, at least some producers of agricultural commodities appear to have received the message. These are just a few of the coalitions and partnerships announced in the past week that put preserving and restoring nature at the center of climate action.

Many countries are making nature-based commitments within their own borders, as well. New Zealand has also pledged to plant a billion trees by , with million of those already in the ground. Ethiopia has pledged to plant 4 billion trees a year.

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Nigeria says it will employ youth to plant 25 million trees. Modern Ukrainian families are being affected by modern gender ideology, the consumerist way of thinking that promotes cohabitation, high divorce rates, and the reluctance of young people to marry and procreate. This project is aimed primarily at Ukrainian youth and will include not only a translation of the Wednesday Audience texts, but also video clips and round table discussions. The project will be implemented in two phases of production and presentation over a three year period.

Holistic Ministry Defined

The orphanage houses eighty girls and the school has 1, students from the surrounding villages. The area, which was already impoverished has experienced further hardships with the influx of refugees from Syria. The Sisters try to bring the love of Christ to these children, the majority of whom are Muslim.

As the Sisters ask very little from the families to support the school, they rely on outside funding to continue their work. They ask the Foundation for funds to purchase food, clothing and medicine for the orphanage and for fuel to heat the buildings and for the kitchen. The Congregation came to Angola in and has been serving in the city of Lubango since Their work includes the integral formation of children, youth, and leaders in the community, the psycho-social accompaniment of young people and preventative healthcare.

In the villages many children cannot obtain a basic elementary education through fifth grade because a school is not available. In order to be educated they must walk long distances to find a teacher to help them keep up with their studies or move to another place. Some are able to enroll in evening classes but often do not attend them for lack of safety. Those without sufficient means are not able to travel to other villages, and thus remain outside the educational system, risking prostitution and addiction.

The Sisters would like to build a combined elementary and middle school containing five classrooms, offices, a library, a computer lab and restrooms, in order to provide a basic education to nearly children.

Restoring Mountain Ecosystems in Lesotho | CRS

The Sisters ask for financial assistance to realize this project. Benin — 78, The Diocese of Natitingou is located in the northwestern part of Benin where it shares borders with Togo to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. Education is the highest priority in the diocese so that the Church can help reform the educational system from inside, starting with the youngest children.

Parents are desirous of a school in the village. Currently, if they want their child to attend a school the child must travel far. Parents must then also wait until the child is old enough, i. In the meantime, the parents leave the education of the child to babysitters. In this situation the child often is treated poorly in addition to receiving a poor education.

From the perspective of the evangelization and the development of the people, the Bishop sees it as imperative for every parish to have its own primary school. Aware of the need to provide for aging priests whose health prohibits them from living in parish rectories, the Archdiocese has sought to provide accommodations for some time. In they were able to open a small home with eight rooms which was adjacent to the Catholic hospital. This arrangement has proved ideal. The Archdiocese wishes to construct a similar unit on the same property to house eight more retired priests.

Additionally, the laity find it hard to not have a place to gather for meetings or to hold activities. In order to aid evangelization the Bishop desires to construct a pastoral center with lodgings to that distance will not impede attendance at diocesan meetings or events. The Diocese already has two hectares of land available for building. The pastoral center will be two floors with two dormitories, a library, a large meeting room and an oratory on the first floor, and private bedrooms on the second floor.

The most urgent need is to complete the construction of the first floor so that the laity and religious sisters will have a place to sleep for meetings. The region suffers from a high rate of uneducated youth, orphans, former child soldiers and many who have been emotionally wounded by war. More than 40, Burundians are in refugee camps outside the country, but are expected to return in the coming years.

The Bishop sees this as a critical time in the life of the Diocese, a period when people are in great need of healing and reconciliation. In response, he wishes to construct a center for lay formation in order to strengthen youth and adults in human, moral, and Christian values. With the first phase of the construction completed the Center has been able to form over 11, persons each year. The Center is presently engaged in a second phase of construction which includes an enlargement of the building, the construction of a chapel and the purchase of necessary furnishings.

The Coordinator has received donations from other sources and seeks funds from the Papal Foundation to finish the project. Since its foundation the Diocese has endeavored to contribute to the construction of public infrastructures including education, healthcare and in economic sectors. Due to the growth of the city and surrounding areas the Diocese would like to build a conference center. Being one of the poorest dioceses in the country, the conference center would greatly help people by providing jobs within the center.

It would also provide an income that the Diocese could in turn use for pastoral work. Its proximity to neighboring Rwanda and Tanzania will enable the center to host international conferences. The Center is projected to hold people. Since that time, a new Bishop has been installed in the Diocese.

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He has sent a progress report on the work achieved thus far and requests additional funding to install a drainage system, waterproof the foundation, landscape the courtyard, reforest the area and install a fence around the perimeter of the property. Their apostolate includes missionary work, pastoral ministry, the education of youth and the care of the sick.

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In Bangui the sisters operate a home for orphans and children in difficulty, helping to reinsert the children into their extended family or seeking to secure their adoption. The sisters also operate a kindergarten and elementary school for the children under their care and for other children living nearby. The Superior requests financial assistance for the installation of two solar panels so that they compensate for the lack of stable and continuous electricity, a problem not only for their home but for the entire city.

The lack of electricity poses a serious obstacle to the well-being of the home, both in terms of illumination and in the use of any means of communication internet, telephone, etc. In an attempt to reach these children and with the help of the Papal Foundation, the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales began construction of a school in They are near to completing the first phase of construction, which is the ground floor of the school building. They now seek funds to complete the second floor of the building.

There are many priests in the Diocese and in the country who, after their initial formation in the Seminary, have been in pastoral settings for over twenty years without the benefit of any additional intellectual, spiritual or pastoral renewal. Programs of study undertaken in Europe generally last for year, a lengthy period of time that poses difficulties in finding a replacement, not to mention the increased cost of living and studying abroad, creating obstacles for those pursuing additional formation or renewal.

The Bishop of Agboville would like to create a three month intense program of continuing spiritual formation with classes in Scripture, Sacraments, Canon Law, Administration, Pastoral Theology, and Technology so that the priest participants may renew themselves intellectually and spiritually and return quickly to their respective assignments. The Seminary has 96 rooms, making the conditions for study and formation less than ideal.

As a result, some Dioceses are turning to other seminaries. For the upcoming year the number of students is expected to exceed For this reason, the Archbishop would like to enlarge the dormitories at the Seminary, adding two buildings with sixteen additional rooms in each. The faithful must stand outside for Mass and various sects have been trying to recruit them. They have some success because it is neither convenient nor comfortable to regularly attend Mass outside, especially in the rain.


A new church building with a seating capacity of people is underway, paid for by the parishioners, but they do not have the necessary funds to pay for the roof. The Sisters have been present in Ethiopia since and are committed to pastoral programs, education, care for the elderly, widows, orphans and the blind, as well operating health care centers.

The school serves 75 students, who otherwise would spend their lives as beggars on the street, and prepares them for University and the work force. All operational expenses are entrusted to donors. One major source of funding is no longer able to support their work. The Superior is seeking funding to support the daily operations of the school.

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