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At this point I was slightly hesitant and Leon, sensing my desperation, amicably explained to me that White most often prevents g5-g4 by moving his pawn to h Naturally, you can imagine the look on my face when he took his bishop and landed it on g With this anecdote from my personal experience, I would like to conclude this article. There are infinite variations of the Fool's mate that can occur on the board, but as long as the principle of not weakening the key diagonal is remembered, there is no point in studying every single one by heart.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to avoid traps connected with the two move checkmate and potentially even deliver one if you ever get the opportunity. See our full beginners' guide on How to Play Chess. Learn More with Garry Kasparov. Cart 0. The Two Move Checkmate The two move checkmate generally refers to the position in which Black mates White right out of the opening.

It is important to note that this opens the d8-h4 diagonal for Black queen: Black is now in position to deliver the mate with his queen: Qd8-h4 mate We can see that White's king is hemmed by his own pieces and has nowhere to go. After observing the mating mechanism, we can conclude the following: It is not important how many squares White's f pawn or Black's e pawn advance.

For instance, White could have played 1 f2-f4 and checkmate would still happen after two moves. On the other hand, White's g pawn has to advance two squares in order for checkmate to happen, because by standing on g3 it would block the check of the Black's queen. Beginners are often taught to develop the center pawns first.

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The two move checkmate is one illustration of what can happen if that principle is ignored. Variation of the Fool's mate Considering that the two move checkmate is rarely encountered in practice, the reader might wonder what is the point of studying it. However, it is actually a mistake, because White can ignore the threat to his rook and simply take the pawn: 4 e4xf5 His king has no escape squares, so he is forced to defend with his g pawn: Black has to take her: Nf6xh5 We can see that Black is a full queen up.

But the weakness of the e8-h5 diagonal overweighs his material advantage, because White can simply mate with his bishop: Apart from this famous game I would like to share a personal experience connected with the Fool's mate. The blitz lasted for a couple of hours, and the score was getting progressively worse for me. After the initial moves: 1 f2-f4 e7-e5!?

Looking For More Chess Strategy? Do you want to become a stronger chess player? Share Tweet Pin it. Leave a comment Name Email. The curse will be broken if Leon is able to educate Sophia.

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Leon is introduced to the Zubritsky's daughter, Sophia, and is immediately lovestruck. He tries to ask her a few simple questions, but she responds idiotically. Later, Leon talks to the Zubritskys, who tell him that the curse can also be broken if Sophia marries Count Gregor, the last of the Yousekevitch line. Leon resolves to break the curse. After a moment of faltering when the doctor believes that the meaning of life is "twelve," Leon is more resolved than ever to break the curse when Sophia greets him. Later, Leon encounters the locals again, and Leon learns that the people in Kulyenchikov are also incapable of loving.

Leon also meets Count Gregor for the first time, and after a debate, Count Gregor shocks Leon by saying that if Leon can't educate her within 24 hours of his arrival in Kulyenchikov, he, too, will fall victim to the curse. Although Count Gregor proposes to Sophia twice a day, she continually rejects his offers.

Leon meets with Sophia again, and she affirms her desire to be able to love him. Leon promises that she will love him the next day. The next morning at 8 o'clock, with more motivation than ever, Leon strives to educate Sophia, attempting and failing to teach her elementary mathematics. However, the lesson soon spirals into a debate, and Leon is unable to educate her. Try as he might, 9am rolls around, as announced by the magistrate, and all seems to be lost.

Even though the curse does not affect Leon, he fools everyone into believing the curse has befallen him. Everybody falls for the trick, but Leon later reveals to Sophia that the curse had no effect on him.

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Leon believes that the curse is actually a psychological phenomenon which came about because the villagers were always told they were stupid. Leon has a plan, which takes place in the following scenes: Leon convinces Count Gregor to adopt him as a son, thereby being a Yousekevitch himself, and breaking the curse at least in the minds of the townspeople.

Leon and Sophia are set to be wed. At the last minute, Count Gregor admits that the adoption papers are actually divorce papers and the wedding is nearly called off until he "kindly" offers to marry Sophia. With yet another trick up his sleeve, Leon asks Mishkin the postman for his urgent letter mentioned earlier. Leon reads the letter and announces that his uncle has died and left all his debts to him. Supposedly, even though the uncle changed his surname, he couldn't escape the debt. However, the townspeople fall for the trick. Leon and Sophia are wed, and the curse of Kulyenchikov is broken.

After the wedding, we see what has befallen all the characters as they come onstage one by one. The Magistrate became a great judge, but fell into corruption and eventually was convicted for fraud. Mishkin wrote a six-hundred page novel on the Curse of Kulyenchikov, only to have it lost in the mail.

Slovitch confirmed his greatest fears of being hopelessly stupid, when he bought four butcher shops in a town that only needed one and went bankrupt within a month. Snetsky found his sheep, and eventually in time became a great philanthropist. Yenchna went into real estate and now owns seventeen houses in Kulyenchikov, including Count Gregor's mansion. Lenya Zubritsky went into politics becoming the first female mayor of Kulyenchikov and now even her husband has to make appointments to see her.

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Zubritsky got accepted into a school of medicine and interior design became an esteemed doctor and now works for the Royal Family. Count Gregor renounced his bad ways and became the town monk. Occasionally he goes to the top of the hill to pray for God to throw water upon the village. Leon continues to teach, and Sophia happily bore their child and teaches Leon lessons of life.