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The flamingos are placed on the cover of this book for another reason: to start us asking questions. That's where philosophy always begins.

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Introducing Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art is written to introduce students to a broad array of questions that have occupied philosophers since antiquity, and which continue to bother us today-questions like: - Is there something special about something's being art? Can a mass-produced plastic bird have that special something?

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Is bad taste a bad thing? If so, does that depend on what Featherstone meant in designing them?

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Each chapter opens using a real world example - such as Marcel Duchamp's signed urinal, The Exorcist , and the ugliest animal in the world - to introduce and illustrate the issues under discussion. An Outline of the History of Western Aesthetics. Introducing Aesthetics David E. Recent Views.

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Defining Art. Censoring Art. Defining Beauty. Now expanded and revised for its second edition, Introducing Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art is designed to give readers the background and the tools necessary to begin asking and answering the most intriguing questions about art and beauty, even when those questions are about pink plastic flamingos.

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Defining Art 2. The Ontology of Art 3.

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  5. Interpretation and Intention 4. Aesthetic Properties and Evaluation 5.

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    Emotions and the Arts 6. Art and Morality 7. Written in a clear and fresh style, this comprehensive textbook provides an accessible and engaging entry point for students to the central philosophical issues in the arts. An excellent resource for students and academics alike.

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    Hudson Hick judges the current vibe among students exceptionally well. Recent and contemporary examples of art, literature, music and film, prompt the kind of questions that lead naturally to the key concepts and theories presented in this book. Drawing mostly from analytic aesthetics, as well as continental philosophy on interpretation, the book provides a genuine opportunity to develop understanding of art and its reception.

    And while the level at which the text is pitched is appropriate for beginners, the dialectic occasions the kind of critical debate that will also engage the more advanced student.