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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. AWS Elemental will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide permanent software updates for defects previously identified as resulting in Severity 1 or Severity 2 incidents, though specific targets are not guaranteed. Use of AWS Elemental software in production workflows implies acceptance criteria has been met. Software issues reported after the software warranty period will not be handled under warranty terms. The Technical Account Manager TAM will act as a point of contact for general technical engagement with AWS Elemental Services teams, including regularly scheduled check-ins with customers typically, bi-weekly or monthly and oversight of Professional Services engagements.

TAMs are generally assigned to no more than accounts, ensuring proactive management of technical services activities. Although not comprehensive, the following list is intended as a guide to identify issues that are and are not covered by AWS Elemental Support Services. Support policy related to third-party hardware and software components.

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AWS Elemental has the following policy regarding the use of third party or unqualified components, including power supplies, hard drives, chassis, PCIe components e. Customers may use Professional Services to purchase technical service days for post-sales on-site or remote support, including system tuning, commissioning, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrade or repair.

For more information or to purchase Professional Services, please contact your local sales representative. Commitment to customer success has given AWS Elemental an outstanding reputation for service and support.

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Capitalized terms used below will have the same meaning as set forth in the Agreement, or as otherwise defined in this Service Plan. In providing AWS Elemental Support, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to i respond within the Response Times and Resolution Targets set forth in this Service Plan for all properly submitted cases from authorized individuals and work towards the identification and resolution of the problems submitted; ii provide English-language help line service via telephone or other electronic media , including means for reporting faults and tracking resolution; iii provide AWS Elemental Appliance-related repair and replacement services; and iv provide, or enable you to download, updates and upgrades of AWS Elemental Software to which you are entitled.

When submitting a case, you may designate the severity level of a problem; provided that, we reserve the right to reclassify the severity level in our reasonable opinion. All Response Times are measured from the point when a case has been properly submitted by an authorized individual to us. Cases may be submitted as specified in the Service Plan. We do not represent, warrant or guarantee that i we will always be able to resolve a case fully, ii you will no longer experience a problem, iii we will provide a bug fix, patch or other workaround in connection with the identified problem, or iv any support or advice will result in any performance efficiency or improvement.

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You are solely responsible for the implementation and results of any suggestions or advice received. Our sole responsibility, and your exclusive remedy, in the event you notify us that we did not provide AWS Elemental Support as set forth in the Service Plan, is for us to use reasonable efforts to re-perform the relevant AWS Elemental Support service. We have the right to use subcontractors and Affiliates to perform all or a portion of the services that we perform, and the work of such subcontractors and Affiliates shall be deemed to satisfy our obligations hereunder provided that such services meet the requirements of this Service Plan.

AWS Support does not include installation, consulting, education, training, customization and other services, or additional software products or components for which we charge additional license fees. We have no obligation for AWS Elemental Software installed or used beyond the licensed use, or for an AWS Elemental Appliance whose original identification marks have been altered or removed. For the avoidance of doubt, we provide no AWS Elemental Support in respect of any hardware, software, items or services provided by you or by a third party.

In the event you allow AWS Elemental Support for a Product to lapse at any time, or if you do not purchase AWS Elemental Support covering a Product within 30 days of your purchase of such Product, you may nevertheless renew AWS Elemental Support for the relevant Product by paying, in addition to the then-current annual AWS Elemental Support fees and charges, an amount equal to the aggregate fees and charges that would have been payable for the relevant AWS Elemental Support during the period of lapse.

You agree to designate a reasonable number of authorized contacts, as determined in cooperation with us, who shall initially report problems and receive AWS Elemental Support from us. Each such representative shall be familiar with your requirements and have the expertise and capabilities necessary to permit us to fulfill our obligations. You may notify us in writing email to suffice of any change you wish to make to the authorized support contacts for your account and we will have no liability to you for providing Support Services to any person in respect of whom you failed to notify us is no longer an authorized contact.

In addition, to receive AWS Elemental Support, you agree that you will i promptly notify us when an AWS Elemental Product fault occurs and provide us with sufficient details so that we can reproduce the fault; ii allow us remote or on-site if part of your Support Option and available in your jurisdiction access to the AWS Elemental Product to provide AWS Elemental Support; and iii furnish necessary resources, information and assistance reasonably required for us to provide AWS Elemental Support.

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You agree that you are solely responsible for the permanent erasure of all of Your Content including any software, machine images, data, text, audio, video or images, including without limitation all personally identifiable and other protected information that you place on an AWS Elemental Appliance, by use of a method that does not cause damage to any AWS Elemental Appliance, before such items are returned to AWS Elemental.

In performing AWS Elemental Support, we may, at our expense, implement changes to the Products without notice to you when such changes do not adversely affect interchangeability or performance of the Products; when AWS Elemental reasonably believes such changes are required for purposes of security or reliability; or when AWS Elemental is required by law to do so.

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  8. You agree to give us reasonable access to the Products for such purpose. If we issue a Required Update, you agree to install it within the period of time designated by us.

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    You acknowledge and agree that in the event you fail to install and run a Required Update as required in the preceding sentence: i you may be deemed to have breached your contractual agreements with us, resulting in, among other things, our refusal to provide further support for the Products to you; and ii that we will not be responsible for, and will have no liability to you in connection with any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses, liabilities, or actions that you may suffer or incur or that may be brought against you as a result of any such failure.

    Resolution Targets set forth in this Service Plan are based on the availability and use of remote support capabilities. You have the option to not activate or enable remote support capabilities. If you choose not to permit remote support by us, then, with regard to all AWS Elemental Products affected by such permissions, our estimated response times and resolution targets do not apply. We disclaim, and you accept, all responsibility for compliance with applicable law in your jurisdiction in connection with your receipt of AWS Elemental Support outside of the United States.

    We may suspend or terminate our provision of AWS Elemental Support, in whole or in part, immediately upon notice to you if a we determine that our provision of AWS Elemental Support could subject us, our Affiliates, or any third party to liability or b in order to comply with the law or with requests of governmental entities. If you terminate AWS Elemental Support for convenience, you agree that you forfeit the unused portion of the applicable fees and charges.

    If you terminate AWS Elemental Support due to our material breach as defined by the Agreement , your sole and exclusive remedy, and our sole and exclusive obligation and liability, shall be for us to issue a credit for that portion of any pre-paid AWS Elemental Support fees that corresponds to the period between the effective date of the termination for breach and the end of the then current AWS Elemental Support period for use against current or future purchases of AWS Elemental Products or AWS Elemental Support.

    If we terminate AWS Elemental Support due to your breach of this Service Plan, the Agreement or the EULA, such termination shall be without further liability or obligation on our part, including any obligation to refund any fees and charges you already paid to us.

    Elemental Global Services Organization The Elemental Global Services organization is dedicated to providing outstanding service and support to customers around the world.