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Another way to enable the serialization of more classes is to enable the trustAllPackages configuration, this recovers the old behavior of allowing any object to be serialized and deserialized. This is totally disallowed to prevent malicious attacks.

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ActiveMQ - Network of Brokers Explained

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  • This 7 part blog series is to share about how to create network of ActiveMQ brokers in order to achieve high availability and scalability. Why network of brokers? ActiveMQ message broker is a core component of messaging infrastructure in an enterprise. It needs to be highly available and dynamically scalable to facilitate communication between dynamic heterogeneous distributed applications which have varying capacity needs.

    JmsProducer JmsProducer contains factory methods to facilitate the creation of sinks according to the message type see below for an example.

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    Last step is to materialize and run the sink s we have created. Create and configure ActiveMQ connection factory to support serialization. See ActiveMQ Security for more information on this. For every JmsMessage you can set jms properties. For every JmsMessage you can set also jms headers.

    Transport configuration options

    The producer can also act as a flow, in order to publish messages in the middle of stream processing. For example, you can ensure that a message is persisted to the queue before subsequent processing.

    JmsConsumer JmsConsumer contains factory methods to facilitate the creation of sinks according to the message type see below for an example. The bufferSize parameter controls the maximum number of messages to prefetch before applying backpressure.

    Connecters in ActiveMQ

    Create a javax. Message source:. Run the source and take the same amount of messages as we previously sent to it acknowledging them.

    Message source specifying a JMS selector expression :. The bufferSize parameter controls the maximum number of messages each JMS session will prefetch and awaiting acknowledgement before applying backpressure. The messageSelector parameter can be used to filter the messages. Otherwise it will browse the entire content of the queue. The code in this guide is part of runnable tests of this project. You are welcome to edit the code and run it in sbt.